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We aim to provide the best and latest guidance on the most important personal finance topics today  such as loan consolidation, mortgage refinance, home equity loans and tax relief using measures such as car donations. free personal finance portal for a more educated investor

bulletPersonal finance
bulletCar donation-Caveats and tax relief for car donation
bulletDebt management-Basics of debt management
bulletStop home foreclosure
bulletCredit reports-why you need to get a credit report today
bulletTax relief strategies- simple must-read techniques for tax relief
bulletHomeowner's insurance-All info on homeowner's insurance
bulletLife insurance policies-Should you choose term life insurance or whole life insurance?
bulletDisability insurance-Short term and long term disability insurance queries answered
bulletLong term care insurance-why LTC insurance is controversial
bulletMortgage refinance-Answers to all mortgage refinance queries
bulletLoan consolidation- All information on loan consolidation
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