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homeowners insuranceHomeowner's insurance ideas

Why homeowner's insurance is necessary-Your home is probably the  biggest investment in your life - so it is absolutely essential to get a homeowner's insurance.

If there is only one  insurance you ever take, it needs to be homeowner's  insurance.

Important points to consider in homeowner's insurance

bulletHomeowner's insurance coverage 1-Property damage coverage

Homeowner's insurance covers for the damage to your home and a limited coverage for  any attached structure such as a toolshed

bulletHomeowner's insurance coverage 2-Personal property coverage 

            Personal property inside the home such as furniture and clothes  will be covered by homeowner's insurance 

bulletHomeowner's insurance coverage 3-Personal liability coverage 

         The personal liability coverageof the homeowner's insurance  covers non-auto related damages caused by you or your family to a third party. The coverage includes legal defence bills upto a specified limit

bulletHomeowner's insurance coverage 4-Medical payments coverage

          Homeowner's insurance covers medical payments for individuals outside your immediate family who get hurt inside your home.

bulletHomeowner's insurance additional coverage elements

Credit card coverage - Homeowner's insurance will sometimes also provide credit card coverage upto a specified limit- this will protect you from unauthorized use of your credit card.






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